Tropical Drinks

  • Caipirinha - National Brazilian Cocktail

    Muddled lime and sugar shaken with cachaça (Brazilian sugar cane rum) and ice. Or try a refreshing fruit caipirinha made with strawberry, pineapple, mango, watermelon, passion fruit or kiwi

  • Caipivodka

    Our delicious national cocktail made with vodka. Or try a refreshing fruit caipivodka with strawberry, pineapple, mango, watermelon, passion fruit or kiwi

  • The Ultimate Mojito

    Tasting is believing! Made with fresh mint and lime muddled together, shaken with rum and watermelon

  • Samba Explosion

    A heavenly mix of rum, passion fruit, and a touch of vodka, served in a flaming volcano bowl

  • Brazilian Vacation

    This blue will take you to paradise! Rum, Blue coraçau, lime and pineapple juice

  • Samabatini

    Delightful! Leblon cachaça, black raspberry, fresh pineapple and fresh lime juice


Enjoy a fantastic selection of signature cocktails


Freshen your evening with our signature Caipirinha

  • The Rio Royal

    Suave and delicious! Cedilla açai fruit liqueur and sparkling wine

  • Coco Minas Martini

    Creamy and addictive! Vodka, coconut milk, pineapple juice and shredded coconut

  • Ouro Preto Martini

    Sweet temptation! Vodka, Godiva chocolate liqueur and chocolate flakes

  • San Francisco Famous Pisco Punch

    We are proud to serve this classic San Francisco drink.

    Pisco punch was an alcoholic beverage invented by Duncan Nicol at a bar named Bank Exchange at the end of the 19th century. The Bank Exchange was located where the Transamerica Pyramid now stands

  • Mango Margarita

    Mui Buena! Fresh mango tequila , contreau, sugar and sweet and sour

  • Sangria 8-9

    “This refreshing recipe has been in our family for many years, perfected by my sister, the eighth of nine of us! Enjoy.”- your host Marcia Santana Orlando.